Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is that possible that I choose to send the purchased products to a different location? Can I buy one product for myself and the same product for someone else at the same time?

A. It does not matter whether you buy the same or different set of products, for yourself as well as someone else. You will have to purchase the products two times, mentioning different mailing address each time, before you check-out. Yes, you may also go for purchasing using your internet banking account and write a different postal address so as to send it to someone else. The products will be sent to any address which is mentioned by the buyer.

2. Do you ensure that the products do not break in the midway while sending me the parcel?

A. We ensure that the products won't be damaged in the midway regardless of the product-type. We, hence, do the packing cautiously to keep everything intact. Although, practically it is possible that despite of us being so extra-ordinarily careful, sudden accidents might occur. We will refund your money in that case, or re-send the same order, as per your request.

3. How many days does it take to get the ordered products?

A. In case of domestic orders, we take not more than a week. In case of international orders, depending on how far your country is, the time is taken in accordance with that. Roughly it takes 2 to 3 weeks, but it might also take longer. We request you to contact us if you do not get your order even within first 4 weeks.

4. What will I do if I get damaged products anyway? What in case of incorrect type/number of products? What if I never get my order at all?

A. In case of any sort of inconvenience, we request you to always contact us in no time so that your issues would be resolved soon. You will need to provide the related proofs while you claim for anything. Our customer care unit will take care of the rest of work.

We do provide the tracking number to our consumers, so it won't be the case of entirely losing the track of products in the midway. If you somehow lose the track then please contact us and we will be assisting you with possible details of your country's/state's post office contact details OR re-sending you the same order. We will refund your amount if you do not get your products this time as well.

5. Do I have the provision of returning the purchased products? If so, how?

A. You have the provision of returning back your purchased products but only if certain conditions are met. If the products being delivered to you are somehow broken during the transmission, or you get incorrect type/number of products, then you are eligible for returning back the products. We do not support returning back if these conditions aren't there.

6. May I pay via EMI or installments?

A. We do not have the facility of EMI or installments at present. We will inform you via email, if we begin any such kind of facility in future. Till then enjoy your purchasing with current facilities.