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  • 2 X Authentic Bestkalint


    Vaping devices seem to be the next trendsetter in town and as a user, it is important that your vaping experience is a walk through the clouds. The 2x BestKalint IMR 18650 is a pair of high drain li-mn rechargeable flat-top batteries that can be used with any regulated vaping device. A regulated vaping device includes one or more safeguards or advanced features such as power adjustments

  • 2200mah Ego Ii Battery With Fast Usb


    Vaporizers are a growing trend today’s world and it is powered by efficient batteries. The 2200mah Ego II Battery with Fast USB Charger is high capacity battery designed to recharge those vapes. It has a three level voltage output. The voltage levels of the battery are indicated by red light (3.3V), purple light (3.7V) and blue light (4.2V). The mega power battery has an average charge

  • 650mah Ego T Lcd Batteries


    Want to keep a tab on those puffs you inhale with your e-cig? The Ego T LCD Battery is sure to grant you this wish. This battery has a 650 mAh capacity and has a base that includes a small LCD screen. The screen displays a graphical four-bar battery charge representation, which is indicative of the battery life. The LCD also displays the numerical puff-counts you have taken and it autom

  • E Cigarette Ee2 Battery 650mah


    Blow out those white smoky clouds one behind the other! E Cigarette Ee2 Battery 650mah has the latest design and a unique oval appearance. This design helps the user see the e-liquid inside. It has a 510 screw thread which goes perfectly well with 510, eGo-T, CE4, CE5 and DCT atomizers. The battery length is about 71mm and a diameter of 22 mm and a capacity of 650mAh. The battery tak

  • High Drain Awt 18650 2600mah


    Blowing out those smoke clouds from your vaping mod device needs a battery that can work in tandem with your device. Another important factor that cannot be ignored is the reliability factor the battery. The High Drain AWT 18650 is meant for mechanical MOD and box MOD vaporizer devices. This battery is produced by Aweite is a start-up manufacturer of lithium batteries, and its AWT brand

  • Newest Tf1 14650 1000mah


    An e-cig or a vaporizing device is used to inhale vapor and is much better than smoking a conventional cigarette. A vaping device works on different types of batteries. The Newest Tf1 14650 is a variable voltage battery that is a step up from the regular manual battery. These help you to control the voltage of the battery usually by twisting the end of the battery. This battery has a cap

  • Single Ego Battery(900mah To 1300mah)


    Want to give your e-cigs a longer lease of life, then you need to be extra careful about the batteries you use and the way you use it. The Single Ego Battery is a manual battery that comes in various capacities of 900mah, 1100mAh and 1300mah have been designed to fit an e-cigs. The battery capacity for electronic cigarettes are normally measured in milliamp hours (mAh). A higher mAh rati

  • Trueman E Cig Battery


    Charging one’s battery between vaping could be a dream come true for vapers and it also means convenience. The Trueman E Cig Battery pass through battery has a vacuum coating and is available in capacities 650mah and 900mah. This electronic cigarette battery that has an automatic metal head and a bottom USB pass through port. It comes with a diameter of 14 mm. A pass through batter

  • Trueman Silver Tf3 Ego Usb


    Enjoy a waft of your vapor even while your vaping device is charging. Trueman Silver Tf3 Ego USB has pass through battery with vacuum coating and is available in 650mah and 900mah capacity. This electronic cigarette battery that has a detachable metal head. A USB pass through battery is also available for e-cigarettes which attach directly to the atomizer. An innovative device that y

  • Twist Voltage Battery(650mah/900mah)


    The batteries that power your e-cig makes a huge difference to the vaping experience you have. The Twist Voltage Battery is a variable voltage battery has a sleek design. These allow you to increase or decrease the voltage provided by the battery by twisting the end of the battery. The voltage range can be adjusted from 3.2 V to 4.8 V to get different vapor amount. The benefit this b