Privacy Notice

The Privacy Policy is there to explain the ways how Ourgadgetstore deals with the data we have, and whether gathered directly or indirectly. We request our users to go through each piece of information so as to avoid confusion in the near future.

We basically collect two kinds of information, namely Direct and Indirect. As the name suggests, the Direct information is taken only if the user willingly submits all or part of his or her personal details. This typically includes first name, last name, postal address, area code, contact number, and email address. If the user chooses not to submit such details then we, in no way, can retrieve these data through any other means.

There are other kinds of information that are extremely sensitive like Credit card details. We ask this only when you prepare for the payment after you confirm the purchase. The transaction will be done very securely. We do not intend to share your personal information with any third parties unless those third parties themselves are somehow involved with us to enable smooth flow of every procedure. This is how a successful home delivery is established. Although, the involved parties have their own limits and they are always bound by the existing protocols.

The email address that you share with us during subscription or account creation is used by us as a means of communication with you. We will have a fair share of sending weekly or monthly newsletters, or anything new that we feel our consumers deserve an explanation about. Though, you have the right and freedom to unsubscribe emails from us.

The Indirect information is gathered by ourselves while you visit us. The basic one that we take is your system's IP address. We collect the IP through the Cookies. The Cookie files let us know which pages you mostly visit, what products you wish to purchase, etc.

For more queries or concerns, you may first refer our FAQ section, OR contact us if you are still not satisfied with the modes of communication provided, OR by filling up the details on Contact Us page.